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Make Money with Binary Options?…

The spring of 2015 will bring wonderful profits to savers and investors in the stock market, followers of daily allowances are still suffering from the interest rate policy of Mario Draghi and will continue to do so for quite some time. Admittedly, he does not pursue this policy to annoy etoro the savers, but out of necessity. The fact is, however, that small-money savers can watch their savings become less and less. Whoever wants to invest in equities must, on the one hand, be very patient, on the other hand a four-digit amount, so that an investment is worthwhile. Alternatives according to the motto “small employment – high profit” are in demand.

Financial betting – rip off or realistic chance?

Binary options have been established on the market for several years. To be honest, it is a classic Copy Trading financial bet, but for the advanced. Every week, millions of Germans pay for their lottery tickets. They are betting that a certain number combination is drawn. Knowledge is not required in any way. In a binary option, the trader also bets. He is betting that the price of an underlying has fallen a certain direction at the time of the sale, as opposed to the time of the purchase of the option. Binary IQ Option options or even digital options know only two states: The prognosis occurs or the trader has been wrong. If it is true, winnings between 50 and over 90 percent are waving in classic trading with call and put options. If he was wrong, the money is gone. The difference to the lottery is however huge, apart from the 50: 50 chance.

For Lotto it is enough to count to six to place the right number of crosses. There is a need for trading, the successful and systematic trading. First, of course, a commercial account with a broker. This trade account is the starting point for training.

That’s what matters:

Anyone who takes these principles into consideration at a later stage has success.

Where is the difference to classic stock trading?

As described above, investors are more likely to be large-volume amounts for classic stock trading. The advantage of trading anyoption in binary options is that trades can already be available Social Trading from one euro. In traditional trading, the minimum bet is between one and 25 euros depending on the broker. The returns are already fixed when the option is purchased. The minimum deposit on a commercial account, also depending on the broker, ranges between 100 and 250 euros – a clear size.

Minimum deposit and trading volume also offer the opportunity for small investors to invest on shares or other underlyings and to profit from the price developments. Those who hold shares in the classic securities account must inevitably speculate that the prices will rise, otherwise it will make losses. Not so with binary options. These offer the opportunity to realize profits even with falling prices. Only the prognosis of the course of the course is decisive whether an option brings a profit or not. The direction in which the course is projected 24option is irrelevant, as is the actual price of the underlying. If we are dealing with stock markets falling sharply, it is entirely sufficient to rely on falling prices – if the facts occur, the profit can be realized.

Binary options – the fast business

In comparison to the stock market, apart from the day trading, the business with binary options is fast. Some brokers have been offering trading for less than a minute, the so-called 60-second trading. The range of trades ranges from less than 60 seconds to several weeks.

In the past, it has become plus500 clear that traders prefer to run between 15 minutes and an hour. Of course, the trading period also depends on the underlying underlying value and will be shorter for currency pairs than for the shares of a multinational company. At this point a tip for beginners: It is recommended to focus on three or four values ​​at the beginning, preferably blue chips. These are less fluctuating and lead to more stable forecasts.

What else do I need to consider to make money some you could check here with binary options?

  • Broker selection: There are black sheep in the binary options broker, as in any industry. Indicators for a serious broker are a free demo account, extensive training material, no exorbitant initial payments on the trade account and, if necessary, regulation

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